IxEdit - The First On-the-Fly Interaction Design Tool for the Web.

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IxEdit is a JavaScript-based interaction design tool for the web. With IxEdit, designers can practice DOM-scripting without coding to change, add, move, or transform elements dynamically on your web pages. Especially, IxEdit must be useful to try various interactions rapidly in the prototyping phase of your web application.

What is Interaction?

Interactions are visual changes of the screen which occur when users act on user interface elements. In other words, interactions are the behaviors of the user interface. For instance, when a user click a button, an image switches to another, or when a user drags an edge, the viewport expands. Those are interactions. Users are doing their jobs with a computer through various interactions generally.

IxEdit solves the problem

To implement interactions on a web page, programming with JavaScript is needed. However, it is hard to manage JavaScript for many designers. Therefore, making well-designed web interactions is difficult in general. IxEdit solves this problem. If you have basic knowledge about HTML and CSS, you can create interactions as you like. JavaScript coding is no longer needed.

IxEdit Digest video

Edit directly within the browser

IxEdit itself is made with JavaScript, and it is an entirely new type of design tool which is to be embedded in the HTML you are editing. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or IE becomes your interaction development environment. The interactions you create will be applied on-the-fly to the web page, so you can edit them while checking how they behave in real time.

jQuery-powered smart code

IxEdit generates JavaScript code automatically from the parameters you specified. The generated JavaScript code is designed to run with jQuery and jQuery UI, the internationally used famous JavaScript library, and it presents powerful interactions. You don't need to care about cross-browser differences since jQuery does it for you.

Saving data using local DB

Interactions you are editing are saved to the database in your local environment (Client-side Database Storage). Therefore, the data would not be lost even after you close or reload the browser. In addition, you can be editing interactions off-line. if you choose Firefox or IE as your development environment, you need to install Gears to your browser first to use local database.

Please send your comment or bug report to: feedback(at sign)ixedit(dot)com