About Public Beta 6:

  • Notice: With IxEdit PB6, the database which has stored interactions you made will be upgraded automatically. After that, the previous versions of IxEdit can't read data from the new database.
  • Solved some problems about compatibility with IE.
  • IxEdit dialog is now trying to stay at the same offset position when you scroll browser window.
  • In the "Import" dialog, now you can import data which you have previously made directly from database. You don't have to copy and paste.

Note for Snow Leopard users:

If you were previously using IxEdit with Mac Safari plus Gears and have upgraded to Snow Leopard (10.6), IxEdit may not work under Snow Leopard. That's because Gears is not available for Snow Leopard yet. IxEdit can be run in Safari without Gears, but if Gears have been installed, IxEdit tries to use it to save data. So you need to uninstall Gears from Safari to use IxEdit with Safari under Snow Leopard.

To uninstall Gears from Safari, follow this instruction: